Burn Restrictions are in Effect

As of 12:01 am July, 12, 2014 burn restrictions will be in effect for all of unincorporated Lewis County, Washington. After careful review, of the current and extended weather forecast, the Lewis County Community Development Director, acting as the Fire Marshal, has determined that current weather conditions within Lewis County have created substantial fire dangers throughout Lewis County, and that there is a need to impose restrictions on outdoor burning on all lands regulated by the County of Lewis, EXCEPT for recreational fires contained within United Laboratory approved burning receptacles or approved campfire sites. The burning restrictions will remain in effect until such discontinuance is modified or rescinded by the Board of County Commissioners. A public announcement of the lifting of the burn restrictions will be made at that time. For further information concerning outdoor burning and/or the restrictions being imposed, please contact Lee Napier, Community Development Director, at (360) 740-1146. The Fire Marshal’s office is in the Lewis County Public Services building, located at 2025 NE Kresky Avenue, Chehalis, Washington.